Here are some cartoons I created for Geography for Global Citizens
Macmillan Education 2004 (click on an image to view larger)

Geography for Global Citizens
Macmillan Education, illustrations by Vaughan Duck

Provides an introduction to the study of Geography, with a focus on the concepts associated with global environments and communities

This book is used in Geography classes at Years 7-9 throughout Australia.

The clear and student-friendly content is supported by attractive page design, vibrant use of colour, and a large range of maps, photos, illustrations, tables and cartoons

First edition printed 1999
Second edition printed 2004
Third edition printed 2008
Printed by Macmillan Education
© Brian Parker, Kate Lanceley, Debra Owens, Rebecca Fitzpatrick, 1999, 2004, 2008
All rights reserved
Illustrations by Vaughan Duck