Trying new things can be scary.
But, with a little push and a lot of paddling, even the biggest waves can be conquered.
A story about facing fears and how a few words of encouragement can change someone’s day.

Facing the Wave

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Written by Rebecca Marshallsay, illustrated by Vaughan Duck
Text copyright ©2022 Rebecca Marshallsay
Illustrations copyright ©2022 Vaughan Duck

Published by Larrikin House on 1 April 2022

Learn more about Rebecca and her writing journey here.

Facing the WAVE
Facing the Wave

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Book Details
Hardback24270 x 255 mm9781922503695$19.99
Paperback24265 x 250 mm9781922503701$14.99
Bigbook24450 x 425 mm9781922503718$39.99

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