Off to School in My Wheelie Chair by Charlene McIver (2021)

Getting to school on time can be tough for any kid. But when you’re in a wheelchair, it can be double the trouble.Roll with this spunky youngster as he navigates obstacles on his way to the classroom.
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Off to School in my Wheelie Chair

Other Examples of Early Readers

Teddy was a skinny, skinny, skinny boy. Even though he ate lots.
His mother and father tried everything.
But nothing made any difference.
Until Teddy found something amazing to eat.

I was privileged to be asked to come up with some quirky characters to illustrate this fun Chapter book by written by acclaimed author Morris Lurie.

A chapter book is designed to encourage independent reading skills in children. As the name implies the stories are usually divided into short chapters, written in age appropriate prose and illustrated.

Chapter Books I have illustrated include:

Teddy by Morris Lurie, published (Macmillan Education, 1996)

click on image to view illustrations

How I Got to Blow Up Our House by Deborah Shand (Macmillan Education, 1997)

click on image to view illustrations

Attack on Fort Sunshine by Morris Lurie (Macmillan Education, 1996)

Attack on Fort Sunshine
click on image to view illustrations

Old Mr Bannerjee by Sandra Clayton (Hodder Headline, 1996)

Old Mr Bannerjee
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