Off to School in My Wheelie Chair

Getting to school on time can be tough for any kid. But when you’re in a wheelchair, it can be double the trouble. Roll with this spunky youngster as he navigates obstacles on his way to the classroom. Pushing his manual wheelchair, he encounters bumps and cracks, a muddy puddle, a hill, and even a speeding bicycle on the walkway. Will he make it to school on time despite these challenges?

This light-hearted story has an important message. It demonstrates how the simplest of things, like travelling along a footpath, can be difficult for someone using a wheelchair. But with perseverance and trust in their own abilities, anyone is able to achieve their goals. A fun little rhyming picture book suitable for all children.

Written by Charlene McIver and illustrated by Vaughan Duck
Text and illustrations copyright © 2021 Charlene McIver
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Review from Little Parachutes
Vaughan Duck’s greyscale charcoal illustrations compliment the story well and show the contrasting emotions of the boy (we really liked the positive image of the boy laughing and enjoying receiving an almighty splash from a puddle!)

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Illustration by Vaughan Duck © 2021 from Off to School in my Wheelie Chair
Illustration by Vaughan Duck © 2021 from Off to School in my Wheelie Chair
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Hardback30153 x 230 mm9780648417842