Here are some cartoons I created for Geography for Australian Citizens
Macmillan Education 2004 (click on an image to view larger)

Geography for Australian Citizens
Macmillan Education, illustrated by Vaughan Duck

Focuses on Australia’s national-identity, its distinctive and changing environments and communities, geographical issues, environmental management, regional and global contexts, and the future.

Used in Geography classes at Years 8-10 throughout Australia.

The clear and student-friendly content is supported by attractive page design, vibrant use of colour, and a large range of maps, photos, illustrations, tables and cartoons.

First edition printed 2000
Second edition printed 2004
Printed by Macmillan Education 2008
© Brian Parker, Kate Lanceley, Debra Owens, Rebecca Fitzpatrick, 1999, 2004, 2008
All rights reserved
Illustrations by Vaughan Duck