I create a lot of props which are photographed for kids craft books. I really enjoy this aspect of my work.

Children will be photographed using the props, so I need to make them look as though the child could have made them. I Make every step, adding a new element for each photo. While the props are simple to construct, they still need to be professional, neat and clean.

Here are some examples of props that have been used in kids craft books.
(click on an image it view it larger)

I have created many props including:

  • Shadow Puppets from card, straws and tape
  • Animal Masks from card and feathers
  • A Castle from a big box, card and tins of food
  • A House from felt
  • A Necklace from noodles and paint
  • A Chart to count leaves
  • Large Shapes painted in a school yard
  • Butterflies from tissue paper
  • Bees from toilet rolls and foil
  • A Lay-bug with play-dough
  • A Racing Car from milk bottle caps and paper tube
  • An Echidna with pompoms
  • A Clown Pinata from a balloon and some newspaper
  • A Clock Cake from Plasticine